Online Reporting

If you are experiencing or witnessing an emergency or in-progress crime or incident, call 911. The Bonney Lake Police Department (via South Sound 911) offers the ability to report certain crimes or incidents online. Once accepted by the police department, an online report will be assigned a case number which can be used for insurance claims or other purposes.

Please keep in mind that online reports are generally considered informational or advisory, and are not immediately reviewed. If your incident contains suspects which can be identified, or if you believe there is sufficient evidence to support an investigation, or wish to speak to an officer, please do not use online reporting. In these cases, we would ask that you call dispatch at 253-287-4455 in order to be connected to an officer directly.

To request a copy of a police report click here.

If this incident is in progress or the crime has just occurred, immediately call 911.

For any other incident, to have an officer dispatched, please call the non-emergency number 253-287-4455.

This online reporting tool cannot be utilized if there is evidence left at the scene, the suspect is known or there is information that would lead to know who the suspect is. 

The below listed crimes/ incidents can be reported utilizing our online reporting tool:

  • Theft of items less than $1000.00 in value
  • Criminal Damage of property less than $1000.00 in value 
  • Graffiti 
  • Forgery/Fraud less than $1000.00 
  • Shoplifting 
  • Identity Theft 
  • Theft From Vehicle 
  • Lost Property – To include phones
  • Supplement previously submitted reports

Residents can utilize the supplement report to add more information to police reports that have either been submitted online or reported in person to a police officer.

Please follow the guidelines below to determine if online reporting is an appropriate option. If you are unsure or would rather talk to someone first, call our non-emergency dispatch at 253-287-4455. 

You may use Online Reporting in these situations:
  • The crime or incident has already been committed or is no longer in progress
  • There are no suspects or witnesses
  • There is no evidence to support an investigation
  • No one was injured
  • The crime happened within the Bonney Lake city limits
  • -If your incident happened outside the city, contact the local law enforcement agency for that area
 Call 911 or Non-Emergency If:
  • The crime or incident is in-progress
  • Suspects may be or can be identified
  • You believe there is evidence to support an investigation
  • There are injuries involved
  • An in-person or immediate response is necessary
 Do Not Use Online Reporting For:
  • Lost or stolen vehicles or license plates
  • Lost or stolen guns or weapons
  • Vehicle collisions / hit and run (see below)
  • Lost/stolen items with serial numbers

Report Submission

  1. You will be asked to fill out a series of questions concerning your incident on a secure website.
  2. You will need to provide valid contact information.
  3. Once you submit your report, you will be provided with a confirmation number. This is simply an acknowledgement of the submission; it is not your case number.
  4. The police department will receive your report and then be accepted or rejected.
  5. If rejected, you should receive a notice containing the reason.
  6. If accepted, a case number will be assigned to your report

Online Reporting Link
 Or use the QR Code below:

Online Reporting QR Code

Motor Vehicle Collision Reports

If a collision scene requires emergency assistance, call 911. If a collision scene does not require an emergency response, a police response can still be requested by calling the non-emergency line at 253-287-4455. Please keep in mind that every agency has different policies regarding collisions, and depending on the circumstances, officers may not always be able to respond (or respond immediately), and they do not always complete a formal collision report.

In many cases, drivers may choose to handle a collision themselves without police involvement. State law outlines when a collision must be reported, by whom, and how. The Washington State Patrol’s (WSP) website contains a section dedicated to collisions, and offers information on how to report collisions, what the applicable laws are, and how to request collision reports or data.

Per the WSP website: Any driver, pedestrian, pedal cycle or property owner involved in a collision within the state – with $1000 or more damage to any one unit and/or injury to any person – must complete a Motor Vehicle Collision Report. However, if a police officer is present and indicates he/she will submit a collision report, then you are not required to submit one.

Public Records Considerations

Online Reporting

The online reporting system does not automatically provide copies of reports once submitted. If you wish to obtain a copy of an online report, you must make a request by visiting our Police Public Records and Disclosure page for more information.

Collision Reports

Depending on the type of record, there may be multiple options for requesting records related to collisions.

The Washington State Patrol is the official repository for all formal collision reports in the state. Please visit their web site at: Collision Reports – WSP.

In other cases, it may be possible to obtain records by requesting them directly from the law enforcement agency which handled the incident. There may also be records housed with the 911 or dispatch center which had involvement with the incident


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