This division is supervised by the Assistant Chief of Administration.

The investigations section is responsible for the investigation of all crimes that occur in the City of Bonney Lake. The Bonney Lake Police Department Investigations section is comprised of a Detective Sergeant, two full-time Detectives, and two part-time investigators. The Detective Sergeant and Detective investigate cases on a full-time basis. The Detective Sergeant acts as the supervisor for the section. In addition, the Bonney Lake Police Department has a detective assigned to the multi-agency narcotics task force as well as the multi-agency auto theft task force.

Cases are generated by police officers that respond to calls, and contact from the public. After a police officer responds to a report of a crime, he/she will do the initial investigation and determine whether or not an investigator is needed to respond. If no investigator is needed, the officer will generate a report, which will be forwarded to the investigations section for follow-up if possible.

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Do you have a tip concerning any of our investigations or our 'Can You ID Me' posts? Please email our detectives by clicking here
*All information provided is subject to public disclosure per RCW 42.56 unless you ask to remain anonymous. 

Our Tip Line phone number is 253-447-3231. Please leave a message with as many details as possible. The tip line will be checked periodically. Thank you for your help!

*The tip line and email are NOT for reporting crimes. You must still call 911 or non-emergency dispatch at 253-287-4455 to report a crime.*
Records Unit
The Police Records Unit is made up of three records clerks. Records is the public's first contact when visiting the Bonney Lake Public Safety building. They are able to assist with receiving police contact, requesting public records, fingerprinting, applying for a Concealed Pistol License or pointing you in the correct direction.

The Bonney Lake Records Unit also provides support for the officers. The Records Unit is the bridge between an officer’s police report and the prosecutor’s office.
Community Service Officers
Community Service Officers (CSO’s) of the Bonney Lake Police Department are considered a support unit. This unit is comprised of two officers, one primary transport officer and one property/evidence officer. Both CSO’s are responsible for transporting inmates to and from jail, as well as to court.  One CSO also works with businesses and neighborhoods in attempt to promote crime prevention. This officer is also in charge of the Volunteers in Police Service (VIPS) program, as well as deployment and statistic gathering of the radar sign.

The property/evidence officer is in charge of managing the property room, which entails intake, retention and destruction of evidence and property. Both CSO’s participate in numerous community events throughout the year such as the Citizen’s Academy, National Night Out and Bonney Lake Days, to name a few. Both CSO’s also provide court security for the Bonney Lake, Eatonville, South Prairie and Sumner Court when the bailiff is not available.
The Bonney Lake Police Department has five Volunteers in Police Service (VIPS). Two VIPS are Police Chaplains and the other three assist with community events, neighborhood watch and our new Disabled Parking Enforcement program (DPE). The VIPS that work in the DPE program are commissioned to enforce disabled parking laws within the City of Bonney Lake.
Sex Offender Information
Visit the Pierce County Sheriff's Office Alerts website to use the offender search engine, register to receive email alerts, and find safety tips and more information. You may contact the Sheriff's Office by phone at 253-798-7530.
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*All information provided is subject to public disclosure per RCW 42.56 unless you ask to be anonymous.*

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