Security Alarms & Animal Licenses

The Finance Department processes security alarm permits and animal licenses for customers residing inside City limits. To confirm if you live within the City of Bonney Lake, view the City Limits Map.
Security Alarm Permits

Per BLMC Chapter 8.48, every security alarm user in the City of Bonney Lake must obtain an alarm permit. Residents and businesses must register their alarm system by submitting an Alarm Program Application form to the City.

Alarm permits are valid for one (1) year, and must be renewed annually.

Registration/Renewal Fees:

  • Residential/Commercial = $24.00
  • Senior (65 or older) = $12.00

False alarm fees are $100 per false burglary alarm, and $200 per false robbery-panic alarm. These fees will increase from $100 to $200 or $200 to $400 without a current City alarm permit.

For information on waivers, late fees, appeals, and other details related to false alarm fees, please view BLMC Chapter 8.48.

Please make sure your emergency contact information is up to date with your alarm monitoring company.

Animal Licenses

Animal ServicesThe City of Bonney Lake contracts with Metro Animal Services and does not maintain records of prior licenses; records are maintained by Metro Animal Services. If your animal has been altered (i.e., spayed or neutered), and/or micro-chipped please bring proof of alteration and/or micro-chipping when paying in person so we may give you the discounted fee. If you are unsure of your residency status, view the City Limits Map.

Per BLMC 6.04, "adult dog or cat" means any dog or cat over the age of six months.

Animal Licenses for cats and dogs of City residents can be purchased by mailing the animal license application and fee to Metro Animal Services, or in person at the Utility desk at the Justice & Municipal Center. The Animal License Application form is available to download at the Metro Animal Services web site:

Animals may not run at large and must be leashed in public. See BLMC 6.04 (Animal Regulations & Licensing) and Chapter 12.12.130 (Parks, Animals at Large) for complete regulations. Excessive repetitive barking which unreasonably disturbs the peace is prohibited by Bonney Lake Municipal Code Chapter 9.07 (Public Disturbance Noises).

Fees for Animal Licenses:
Last updated December 2, 2014. Visit for up-to-date fee schedules and license forms. See also BLMC 6.04.080.

Dog License Fees:
  • Altered Adult Dog - $20.00
  • Unaltered Adult Dog - $60.00

Reduced Rates for Owners Aged 65+

  • Altered Adult Dog - $10.00
  • Unaltered Adult Dog - $30.00

Cat License Fees:

  • Altered Adult Cat - $12.00
  • Unaltered Adult Cat - $60.00

Reduced Rates for Owners Aged 65+

  • Altered Adult Cat - $6.00
  • Unaltered Adult Dog - $30.00

License Tag Replacement - $5.00

Other Shelter Fees:  Sumner Animal Shelter Fees

Free Spay & Neuter Services

Free & low-cost services are available for qualified pet owners via mobile 'spay stations' at various locations in the area. Visit for more information.

Kennel license fees: $75.00

Microchip Credit: $10.00 (one-time credit)

The City of Bonney Lake has determined that the best method of identification of animals under current technology is the microchip. Microchipping can be performed by veterinarians. If an animal owner residing inside the Bonney Lake city limits shows proof that their animal has been microchipped, the owner can receive a one-time credit of up to $10.00 on an animal license. Proof of microchipping on the animal to be licensed is required at the time of licensing.

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