Bonney Lake Launches New Emergency Alert System
Posted on 10/28/2022
The City of Bonney Lake is excited to announce the launch of its new emergency alert system. Bonney Lake Alert is an emergency alert software that allows the City of Bonney Lake to send critical life safety information quickly and efficiently to anyone who is registered for the system. To receive alerts, community members will need to opt-in by signing up on the City’s website. Once enrolled, residents can control how they would like to be alerted, either via text, phone, or email. Bonney Lake Alert will be used primarily for emergencies, which involve incidents where life safety is at risk. However, the alert system may also be used sparingly for specific non-emergency situations, such as a missing person notification or traffic reroute due to an accident.

Bonney Lake Emergency Manager, Raejean Kreel, explains why community members should sign up for Bonney Lake Alert. “We live in a unique and beautiful area in east Pierce County, with hazards and risks that pose unique challenges to our community,” says Kreel. “This new alert system allows us to localize how and when we communicate to our community members. Whether it’s a major street closure, weather alert, or evacuation notice, this system will deliver critical safety information to our residents quickly.”

Bonney Lake Alert is a separate emergency alert system from Pierce County (PC) Alert, which is operated by Pierce County Department of Emergency Management. The City encourages residents to enroll in both systems, ensuring emergency information is disseminated throughout the region. To learn more about PC Alerts, go to Pierce County’s website here.

The City of Bonney Lake is a participating member of the East Pierce Interlocal Coalition for Emergency Management (EPIC), which includes the jurisdictions of Sumner, Puyallup, Orting, Buckley, Wilkeson, and Carbonado. The coalition works together to build disaster preparedness and capabilities in the region, including the rollout of emergency alert systems such as Bonney Lake Alert. Community members across the region can go to to sign up for additional alert systems in the east part of the county.

To learn more and sign up for Bonney Lake Alert, go to the City’s website here. Once enrolled, residents can choose how they want to receive alerts from the City. For questions about the Bonney Lake Alert system, contact Raejean Kreel at [email protected].