City of Bonney Lake


  • To promote the efficient and effective use of Bonney Lake's Financial Resources;
  • To provide excellent services to the citizens, Administration, City Council, and all departments; and
  • To strive to maintain the public trust.

The Finance Department is under the supervision of the Chief Financial Officer, who assists the Mayor and City Administrator in the preparation of the annual budget and all work incidental thereto; supervises the disbursement of all monies; monitors expenditures to ensure that budget appropriations are not exceeded and as otherwise provided by law and the rules and regulations of the State Auditor's office relating to municipal corporations; maintains the general accounting system for the City and each of its departments; administers the payroll system of the City; prepares financial statements and reports; supervises the collection of all taxes, special assessments, license fees and other revenues of the City; supervises the investment of City funds; and assists with the purchase of supplies, materials, equipment and services.


Department Organizational Chart

Cherie ReiersonCherie ReiersonChief Financial Officer
Department Information
ADDRESS:9002 Main ST E, STE 250Bonney Lake, WA 98391