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[-] How do I connect to city water/sewer service?
New Utility Account: If you are moving into an existing home or business and need to transfer the sewer and/or water utility service into your name please contact the Utilities Cashier or visit our Utilities page for more information.

New Water/Sewer Connection: For new connections to the City sewer or water system (such as for a newly constructed home or business), please view our Building Permits page or contact the Permit Center staff.  

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[-] How do I pay for a utility (water/sewer/stormwater) bill?
See our Utility Billing page for complete information on utility rates, billing schedules and payment options. Utility bills for water, sewer and stormwater service may be paid in the following ways:

This site allows registered users to make payments, check water use (consumption) and view the account history. To use this service you must first set up an account, which requires you to enter your utility account number.

In Person: Justice & Municipal Center (2nd floor) - 9002 Main St E
During normal business hours (8:30am - 5:00pm) please make payments at the Utilities desk. In person payments are accepted by cash, check, money order, or credit card (Visa or Master Card). Outside normal business hours, payments by check ONLY may be dropped in the drop box outside the building.  

Call the Utilities Desk at (253) 447-4317 with any quesitons about your utility account or bill payment options.
[-] How do I report leaks or problems with grinder pumps, water mains, or lift stations?
If you have a water leak on your property you should contact a plumber or leak finder service. If you would like to request a leak adjustment to your Utility Bill, please review information on our City Utilities page.

To report problems such as bells, alarms, strange noises or leaks from water mains, grinder pumps, lift stations or other utilities, please contact the Public Works Operations staff or call the City at (253) 862-8602 to be transferred to the appropriate staff person.

To report utilities emergencies after-hours (weekday evenings, weekends, or holidays) please call the dispatch center at (844) 821-8911. 

Please do not call the City for water or sewer problems located on your private property; call a local plumber or leak finder service.
[-] How do I find a water leak and repair it?
For information on how water meters work and how to check for a leak, view the information provided on the Utilities page.

This page also includes information on how to get an adjustment on your utility bill for a repaired leak.

To report an emergency with a City utility after normal business hours, please call the dispatch center at (844) 821-8911.
[-] How do I know how many gallons of water I am using?
Water usage can be converted easily from the City’s unit of measurement, which is cubic feet, to gallons by multiplying the consumption on your bill by 7.48 per cubic foot, making sure to note that the city bills per 1000 cubic feet. To learn more see our Utilities Department Page.
[-] How do I add/remove a tenant to my utility account?
To add a tenant’s name to a utility billing account please contact the City Utility Department at (253) 447-4317 or visit

As the owner of the home, you must always receive a copy of the bill so that you are always aware of the account’s status. Per BLMC 13.04.080, the owner of the property where the water service is attached is be responsible for the payment of all connections, shutoffs, turn-on, service charges, and liens, even if the account is set up so a copy of the bill is sent to a tenant or other person. Therefore, the owner of the home cannot be removed from a utility account even when tenants are added.

A $45.00 fee is charged to set up a tenant on a utility account. For complete information please see the 'Other Services and Charges' section at

Keywords: water bill, renter, rental, utility bill, tenant.
[-] How do I get garbage, recycling, and yard waste services?
Garbage service is mandatory within City Limits per BLMC Chapter 8.04, and is managed by D.M. Disposal. D.M. Disposal also handles recycling and yard waste services. An additional fee is charged for yard waste service.

To set up, change or cancel an account, report a problem, or ask questions about these services, please contact D.M. Disposal directly (see contact information below). General information and rates are available to view on our Utilities page,

D.M. Disposal Contact Information:
   Inside City Limits: (253) 414-0347
   Outside City Limits: (253) 414-0345

Keywords: solid waste, garbage pick-up, complaints, recycling, yard waste.
[-] How do I request a leak adjustment?
To request an adjustment to your utility bill, submit a letter to the City Finance Department to the attention of the Accounting Specialist responsible for utility billing. 

The letter must include your name, address, account number, phone number and the reason you are requesting an adjustment (i.e. you had a leak and the date you got it fixed). You will be notified in writing if you are eligible for an adjustment and, if so, how much it will be. 

For complete information see the City Utilities Page or Bonney Lake Municipal Code Chapter 13.04.100(G)

Keywords: leak adjustment, utility billing, water leak.
[-] How do I get a copy of my utility bill or an estimated final bill?
To request a copy of your utility bill contact the Utilities desk at (253) 447-4317 or view your account online through the Online Payment System

To get an estimated final utility bill, fax a request to the attention of 'Utilities' to (253) 447-3181.

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[-] How do I find out my billing cycle?
Inside city limit customers are billed monthly for base fees and bi-monthly for water consumption/sewer volumetric and outside city limit customers are billed bi-monthly for all services.

View the Utility Billing page for more information.
[-] How do I get assistance to help pay for utility bills or repairs?
Reduced Utility Rates

The City of Bonney Lake offers reduced utility rates to customers who receive the Pierce County Senior Citizen & Disabled Person Property Tax Exemption

For more information, please visit the Bonney Lake Utilities page or call (253) 447-4317. 

Assistance Programs & Resources

Dial 2-1-1
or visit to get health and human services referrals and assistance.

Visit our Human Services page for a list of agencies and programs in the area that offer assistance.

Keywords: low income services, energy assistance, family support, emergency repair assistance, reduced rates, reduction, discount, help.

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